Friday, 22 February 2013

Monday, 11 February 2013


Seahorse World
Beauty Point
Tasmania, AUSTRALIA  

Many years ago my husband and I were holidaying in Tasmania and went to visit Seahorse World. We impulsively decided to buy four of them and bring them back to Sydney for our daughter's 5th birthday which was approaching.
Each seahorse was put into an empty water bottle, filled with salt/seawater and placed into an esky. Once they were in, the esky was taped up tight. It looked very suspicious and I was worried about being questioned at the airport.
We arrive and start to go towards security where I am stopped and asked about what my package contains.
Explaining that they were seahorses in bottles I was told that saltwater was not allowed on the aircraft.
I have never been one to be able to turn on tears, but my young daughter's face flashed before me. It was the most appalling display of theatre ever performed I am sure, but it did the trick.
I even stooped as low as to promise to name one of the seahorses after the security officer. RICHARD, bah. I don't think so.
My daughter was delighted with her new little family and David, Vanessa, Lisa and Charlie were a source of enjoyment to us for a while to come.
Going back this year was wonderful. To see the progress being made in marine studies to ensure these little creatures thrive in their controlled environment.

Belinda x